29 March 2010

Introducing Achilles and Kizzie

Today Tessie decided to give birth in the rain and mud and as far away from the barn Karl built for her as she could possibly get. Labor was as quick as Velvet's last week - less than thirty minutes from waters breaking to calf on the ground. We bought Dexters knowing their reputation as good mothers, and although Velvet's predator response went a little haywire at first, she soon calmed down and everything has been going nicely ever since. Tess already knew the drill, being Velvet's dam, and is very laid back about the mothering thing.

Velvet had a bull calf and he is called Achilles, Tessie had a heifer and we are calling her Kizzie. We are still not sure on their colour as they are a lovely chocolate brown at the moment - presumably they will be black like their sire.

09 March 2010

Tractor broke down today! Needs a new clutch and a couple of seals, all of which need to be ordered. While I am waiting for those I get to help Karl build the new barn - he hopes to have it finished before the calves arrive. Yes, we are officially on calf watch! Velvet looks ready to go at any moment and Tess isn't far behind her even though they should be due until at least March 22nd.