27 July 2010

Needing Inspiration?

Today's newsletter recipes were taken from this wonderful book and I recommend it to all CSA supporters and farmer's market patrons. There are wonderful hints and tips about preparing and preserving all sorts of vegetables as well as short bios about various farms around the country. I wish I could say it included Karl's Farm, but this was published the year before we began our CSA.

There are very few vegan recipes but lots could be made so by eliminating the cheese (seems people eat a lot of cheese!)

19 July 2010

Not everyone hates the dust!

While Karl and I moan about the crunchy grass and never-ending heat, Royal has found a great new way to entertain himself. While bulls do paw at the ground as a sign of aggression, that isn't what he is doing here. He likes to decorate himself with greenery when the roses are in bloom and now it seems, he thinks dust is the perfect accessory. It helps to keep the flies off him too - always a battle in the summer time.

13 July 2010

Beans, Beans, they're good for your... Cattle!

The more they eat, the less they rattle! ha ha

Each week the cows (and bulls) wait impatiently by the fence to see which vegetables we have harvested. From nearest to furthest is Velvet, Royal, Achilles, Kizzie and Tessie.

Spent bean plants are a hit with everyone from the youngest calf...

to the largest bull.