25 September 2013


 One of my favourite tasks on the farm is candling and sorting the eggs. When I hold the bright light up against the eggs they glow like old fashioned Christmas lights. With the green eggs I can see the yellow of the yolk through the shell, on others it shows as a faint shadow and on some I can barely see it at all. Sometimes I can make out the tiny air sac at one end - if I want to boil eggs I keep them for a couple of weeks and then candle them again to see if the air sac is big enough to let the shell come off cleanly. You can do this yourself with a bright flashlight - the small LED ones are great as long as the batteries have a good charge. All you need to do is turn out the lights - the darker the room the better for this - and hold the flashlight against the egg so that no light escapes around the egg (this is why the small flashlights are best).

I had intended to include pictures of the candled eggs but I haven't quite worked out how to take a good photograph of them.

13 September 2013

Inside Okra World

I think okra has the most beautiful flowers of any vegetable.

and it seems I am not alone in that thought.

As we picked the okra pods this morning it was impossible to ignore the buzzing! 

Honey bees do not stay still for very long!

This is not a honey bee!

And nor is this!

Or this! But it does look like he is spreading pollen around quite nicely.