25 September 2010

Sponsor a Cheese

On 30 August 2010 the FDA issued a press release that announced the recall of 68,957lbs of raw milk cheese from Morningland Dairy in Missouri.

There are a couple of problems with this. The first is that Morningland Dairy had not yet agreed to a recall. The second is that the dairy has been given no notification of exactly which cheeses failed the test and how that cheese had been handled prior to testing. Under the law (and cheese making has a lot of them) the dairy was supposed to be given a sample of the cheese for their own testing purposes. This has not happened.

Morningland Dairy has been in business for 30 years but this recall is in danger of shutting them down for good.

Did you catch the "raw" bit in the description of the cheese? Raw milk is a hot topic right now, but cheese has been made this way for as long as cheese has been made.

The latest news from Morningland Dairy is that although the FDA tested the milk barn and cheese plant with all tests coming back negative, the Missouri Milk Board Inspector has said the dairy must destroy all of their unsold cheese before they are allowed to resume making or selling cheese.

They are too small to take on the government, and at this point there are several agencies involved.

A friend of ours and of Morningland Dairy came up with the idea of sponsoring a cheese to help the dairy through this ordeal.

Morningland Dairy cannot sell any cheese and we cannot buy any, but we can sponsor a cheese that is going to be thrown away. That's right you can send a donation and ask the dairy to throw away a few pounds of perfectly good cheese in your name.

Please join us in sending a couple of dollars (please make clear that this is a donation and that you understand you cannot buy their cheese) and words of encouragement to:

Morningland Dairy
6248 County Road 2980
Mountain View, MO

Call your friends, spread the word, sponsor some cheese!

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